How does Modelmob work? 

It’s simple! ModelMob is a direct model booking app. You can sign up as a client or model. Clients post jobs, models create profiles and start applying for jobs. Jobs are posted by clients and accepted by models based on chosen categories and tags selected. Money is held in escrow once a client posts a job and models are paid directly 24 hours following job completion. 

Who can use Modelmob?

Clients and Models can use ModelMob app. Whether you’re a client who works for a large organization, a private business, a casting director, agent, photographer, stylist, you can sign up for ModelMob. Or maybe you’re an experienced model signed with an agency, a fresh face looking to try your hand at modeling, or simply want to have a part-time job on weekends or evening, you can create a profile and start using ModelMob the best way it suits you. There is work for everyone!

How do models and clients communicate?

We have a real-time in-app messaging chat where clients and models can communicate. This is where we recommend communication takes place regarding job details, call sheets etc. For safety reason, clients and models can message each other directly through the app without having to exchange numbers if they chose not to do so. 

Who can contact me?

 Models and clients can begin to message each other once a job request is sent from a client. All communication is done in our real-time messaging chat so you don’t have to worry about anyone having your phone number or email unless you provide it to them yourself. 


Is Modelmob available on other platforms?

Soon but not now. ModelMob is only available for iPhone at the moment. We do plan on expanding to the Android and we will have a web version but right now you can only use ModelMob app on your iPhone.

 If someone is bothering me what can I do?

Safety and security are our main concern at ModelMob and we want to ensure a positive environment. If someone is bothering you, you can report and block them and we will investigate it further. We will suspend or cancel that member's account if deemed appropriate. 

How can I deactivate my account? 

You can deactivate your account in settings. Once deactivated, this can not be undone.

General FAQ

How do I apply and get booked for jobs? 

Once you create your profile, you will be matched with jobs that fit your look and notified through the app. Or you can search via tags and categories for jobs and apply directly. A client can also send you a private job request that is not available for other models and that only you can apply for.

How do I use the (#) tags when creating my profile?

The (#) tags are the best way to be matched to the right job. When clients create jobs they list tags that describe the particular job and the type of model they are looking for. Based on the tags you lists to describes you, you will be matched accordingly to the job that is right for you!

What kind of photo should I use when creating my profile as a model?

We recommend that models upload clear images of themselves, full body, half body, and face as well as photos of any modeling work they have done. Professional photos are recommended but not mandatory. Think of this as your digital portfolio, your photos are your first impressions to clients so put your best foot forward!

Why does it ask me to connect my Instagram? 

We suggest you link and upload photos from your instagram account to better showcase your personality, so the client can get a better idea of how awesome you are! 

How and when do I get paid for jobs booked through ModelMob?

We know no one likes to wait 30, 60 or 90 days to get paid, so we make sure that models are paid 24 hours after job completion (midnight eastern standard time) directly into their bank accounts. We use a payment processor called Stripe, and all models are asked to link their bank info through an email confirmation we send them to be able to be paid directly upon job completion. ModelMob take a 10% service fee from models. 

As a model, can I sign up for ModelMob if I’m already with an agency?

Of course. There are plenty of jobs that are available that will not interfere with your agencies contract. You agency or agent can also sign up as a client. 


Can I cancel a job after I have accepted it?

Yes, but we advise against this. You can cancel a job after you have accepted it by clicking on the three dot icon on the top right corner of the job chat. However, we don’t recommend you cancel jobs once you have accepted them as this will significantly reduce your rating and can lead to you being removed from the app. We suggest you thoroughly review the job and client before accepting the project rather than accepting then canceling. 

Do I need to have experience or a modelling background in order to join ModelMob? 

ModelMob is an equal opportunity app that lets people find jobs without previous professional modelling experience. Model Mob offers men and women jobs in a variety of industries for example: commercial, editorial, fitness, promotion, paid to party, acting, music video, alternative (tattoos, nude, piercings etc) 

Can I hide my previously completed jobs if I don’t want clients to see my past work? 

Yes you can hide the jobs titles from appearing in your profile so clients can not see them. You can do this by clicking on the small icon next to these jobs and making them private. However, the amount you were paid will still be visible just not the job title.

Model FAQ

How do I use this app if I’m a client?

Once you sign up you can begin browsing and hiring models. There are two ways to hire a model, via a private job post or public. Once you’ve created your job posting, we ask you to enter your payment information so the model can get paid upon completion of the job. Models are more likely to apply for jobs with verified client profiles, thus we highly recommend that you link your other social network accounts (linkedin, facebook, instagram) to verify your account.

Posting a private job vs public job. As a client there are two ways to post a job. A private and public job. A private job is directed for one specific model and they will be the only one who can see it. You can create a private job by browsing models and selecting the models you want to hire, then create a job posting just for him/her. 

A public job is visible to all models who fit the tags and categories you listed in the job posting.To create a public job, select ‘Post a Project” from your settings menu. There are job (#)tags that we suggest you use that describe the job and model you are looking for. This is how we are able to match you with the best suited model for your job. We ask you to be as detailed as possible in your job description (include time, location address etc) so models can get a good idea of what the job entails before they apply. 

What is the client fee for using ModelMob?

Client fee is 10%.

What do I do if the model doesn't show up at the scheduled time?

We recommend clients and models resolve issues directly by communicating through our in-app messaging platform. Clients have 24 hours to file a dispute, otherwise payment is automatically released.

How many jobs can I post at a time?

Clients can post one job at a time. Once that job is completed you can then post another job. We also have a temporary solution if you are looking to book several models immediately. Email us at 

How many models can I hire at one time?

Clients can only hire one model at a time for a job. 


Can a client cancel a job?

Yes, but we advise against this. You can cancel a job after you have posted it by clicking on the three dot icon on the top right corner of the job chat. However, we don’t recommend you cancel jobs once you have posted them since the client service fee is non-refundable.

Can I edit a job once it’s posted?

No, any changes to already posted jobs should be communicated directly with the model in the our in-app messaging chat. Otherwise you can cancel the job, and repost it. In this case, the service fee will be refunded. 

Client FAQ

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